3 ways available to get a valid Vietnam visa

If your thinking is wandering around visa to Vietnam, then you’ve got a right address. This post covers 2 most important aspect for your Vietnam visa, consisting of whether you need a visa to enter the country and if yes, how to get it.

Now, let’s learn in details.

The first question: Do I need Vietnam visa?

At the moment, except for citizens of 24 countries getting visa exemption under a bilateral or unilateral visa exemption agreement with the Vietnam Government, travelers will need a valid visa to enter Vietnam.

► See the list of nationals with Vietnam visa exemption and the conditions to benefit it if any here: Vietnam visa exemption details.

In case you need a Vietnam visa, you are highly recommended to read the information below.

The second question: How to get a valid Vietnam visa

At the moment, there are up to 3 ways to get a valid visa to enter the S-shaped country, namely:

  1. Obtain Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy/consulate in foreign country;
  2. Obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival; or
  3. Obtain an e-visa to Vietnam.

You perhaps wonder which should be chosen for your utmost benefits and convenience. And we do not wish you waste time to look around for information, as we will provide it right here. We here will give you detailed comparison among those 3 options, covering their applicants, procedure, required documents, issuing authority, processing time, cost, validity, purpose of visit as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Vietnam embassy visa vs. visa on arrival vs. E-visa

3 ways to get Vietnam visa currently
3 ways to get Vietnam visa currently

Here comes the comparison among 3 current ways to get a visa for Vietnam, namely visa at Vietnam embassy, visa on arrival and e-visa. Can you now define the best option for you? If not yet, feel free to contact us at +84 839 20 24 26 or sales@visaonlinevietnam.com for any information.

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