5 Year Vietnam Visa Exemption For Foreigners 2018

5 Year Vietnam visa in 2018

05 year visa exemption for foreigners to Vietnam is applicable to passengers who are the husbands, the wives, the children of people with Vietnamese nationality and passports, identity cards in Vietnam or to be Vietnamese.

5 year Vietnam visa exemption

5 year Vietnam visa exemption 2018

The main content of the article:

–          Conditions for 05 year visa exemption for foreigners

–          Procedures for 05 year visa exemption

–          Conditions applicable to 05-year visa exemption

–          Procedures for extension of 05-year visa exemption

–          Procedures for 03 year temporary residence card for persons with 05-year visa exemption

I. Conditions for 05-year visa exemption 2018

To make 05-year visa exemption for the foreigner, such person must have registered marriage with Vietnamese, and such marriage registration may be issued by Vietnam government or a foreign government.

For children, such person must have a birth certificate to prove the parent-child relationship issued the government.

If documents are issued by a foreign government, they must be legalized and translated into Vietnamese with notarization.

For Vietnamese with foreign nationality, if he/she has demand for 05-year visa exemption, its required for him/her to have old documents for proving to be Vietnamese such as the household registration book, identity card, birth certificate issued by Vietnam government.

II. 5-year visa exemption procedures

Required dossier for 05-year visa exemption as follows:

–          Notarized and copied household registration book and identity card of Vietnamese

–          Original passport of a foreigner on demand

–          Marriage registration certificate, birth one

–          02 profile photos with 4×6 size, white background

–          Time for the visa: 5-7 working days


–          Make the visa in the Immigration Administration in which the household registration book of Vietnamese person was issued

–          For foreigners Visa with the lastest entry, sometimes Immigration Administration requires to be a visa for visiting relatives

–          Foreign passport must have a term of over 01 year and a minimum of 02 blank pages

III. Conditions for the use of 5-year visa exemption

Passengers use the visa exemption to entry into Vietnam, each entry the entry stamp shall be born at the border with 06 month visa, this visa for the purpose of visiting relatives,

Nearly expiring this 06-month visa, passengers can continue to extend for staying in Vietnam, each extension is up to 03 months only. Visa extension procedures as follows:

–          Original passport of such foreigner

–          Confirmation of temporary residence of a local public security,

–          Form NA5 certified by Vietnamese and local public security

–          4×6 profile photo with white background.

–          Renewal within the 5 days


–          Passengers using the visa exemption will have the visa for visiting relatives, so the purpose of entry into Vietnam will be to visit relatives

–          When there is a visa for visiting relatives, its not converted to other visa purposes as DN, DT, LD. If there is a demand for the visa purposes, passengers must exit and entry again.

–          Sometimes expiring 06-month visa, passengers can not extend further, be required to exit.

–          If a passport is;renewed, the passenger forces to renew the 05-year visa exemption card

–          The passenger who enter Vietnam under the visa exemption can work, travel in Vietnam as long as he/she does not violate the law of Vietnam.

IV. Procedures for 03- year temporary residence card with 05-year visa exemption

Procedures for 03-year temporary residence card as below:

–          Original Passport is still valid over 01 year

–          02 4×6 profile photos with white background

–          Form NA6 and form NA8 certified by the local public security and Vietnamese

–          Vietnam entry dispatch as per visiting relatives type

–          Time: 5 working days.

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