5 Must-See Places in Saigon Most Travelers Miss

Saigon, officially known as Ho Chi Minh City, is easily overlooked by travelers looking to experience surreal landscapes such as the numerous limestone monoliths of Halong Bay, the cascading rice terraces in Sapa or the immense green tea hills of Dalat. What most don’t immediately realize is that Saigon has a personality unlike any other […]

The Unspoken Rules of Cho Lon (Saigon’s Chinatown)

When Chinese refugees came to Cho Lon (Saigon’s Chinatown) over 200 years ago, not only did they bring their delicious cuisine, but they also brought with them their traditions, culture, and etiquette.  In Chinatown, there are certain rules that are known among those that live there, but are generally unspoken of. Visitors are usually completely […]