5 Must-See Places in Saigon Most Travelers Miss

Saigon, officially known as Ho Chi Minh City, is easily overlooked by travelers looking to experience surreal landscapes such as the numerous limestone monoliths of Halong Bay, the cascading rice terraces in Sapa or the immense green tea hills of Dalat. What most don’t immediately realize is that Saigon has a personality unlike any other […]

11 Must See Places Around and Near Ben Thanh Market

Let’s face it. Despite the fact that it’s a total tourist trap filled with over-enthusiastic vendors who won’t take no for an answer, Ben Thanh Market is (almost) the center of the universe when it comes to Saigon. Most visitors usually end up around the vicinity sometime on their visit, and once they’ve been overwhelmed […]

An Overview of Holidays in Vietnam

Just like every other country, Vietnam has many occasions to commemorate and mark important historical moments. These national holidays often hold a lot of different meanings and come with a whole range of complicated ways to celebrate. For visitors, learning about a country’s public holidays in advance could become very handy in planning for your […]

Best Time to Visit Saigon

Now that you’ve decided to travel to the biggest city of Vietnam, Saigon, I’m sure there are a few questions in your mind just as you would if you decide to visit any other country in Southeast Asia. Some of these, I’m sure, are: “When is the best time to visit the city?”, “When is […]