The Best Cooking Classes in Hoi An: Take Home More Than Just Memories!

Overview of Food in Hoi An

Hoi An, formerly known as Fai-Fo or Faifoo, is a city widely recognized since 1999 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also known as a culinary paradise with many international renowned dishes such as cao lau (Hoi An style noodles with pork and greens), Quang Nam style noodles, chicken rice, Vietnamese baguette, and other countless street foods. In addition to the ancient town, exploring the cuisine here is also interesting. It is said that food connects people, and this is absolutely right. Cooking in Hoi An will help you dive deeper into the Vietnamese cuisine, culture, and lifestyle.  

best cooking classes in hoi an
A bowl of cao lau. Photo: Flickr @Marco Verch

If you are considering which cooking class to spend your time on, read our recommendations below!

Tra Que Garden Cooking Class & Restaurant

Tra Que vegetable village is Hoi An’s beautiful unspoiled paradise. It’s the green heart of Hoi An that grows and supplies all kinds of fresh vegetables to families, local markets, and even fancy restaurants. Tra Que Garden Cooking Class is a unique place that offers you not only authentic Vietnamese recipes but also an experience of being ordinary farmers. Are you curious about the experience? Read the itinerary below!

best hoi an cooking class
Who’s ready for some banh xeo? Photo:

You will start the day by visiting the local market. After you gather the necessary ingredients, you will then head to a farmer’s house in Tra Que vegetable village. Enjoy your welcome drink and stroll around the village with your cooking instructor to learn and observe the local farming skills. Next, it’s time to practice! You will become a farmer, from preparing, watering, and fertilizing the land to raking, sowing, and planting the garden.

After this hands-on experience, you will be rewarded with a relaxing foot massage made from medicinal herbs. Next, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and take part in the cooking!  Banh xeo (crispy pancakes), banana flower salad, fresh spring rolls, and ram (the local fried spring rolls) are the four dishes that you will make. An instructor will guide your every step carefully. Lastly, devour your achievement. I always believe that food you cook yourself tastes better because you have put so much effort into it!

More information:

Price: 700,000 VND (30 USD)/person
Website: Tra Que Garden Homepage
Address: Google Maps directions
Phone number: +84 90 286 66 03

Red Bridge Restaurant & Cooking School

Located beside the romantic Hoai river, Red Bridge cooking school is an idea place to learn about Vietnamese cuisine. Kick off your taste buds with a welcome drink and get ready to behold the local lifestyle, select ingredients, and interact with the sellers in the morning market. After you arrive at the school, you will explore the herb garden. Soak up the interesting information about Vietnamese traditional herbs and what dishes taste the best with particular flavors.

Then, you will learn how to make rice paper, shrimp paper rolls, crispy pancakes, seafood salad, and Quang Nam style noodles. Last but not least, you will discover the way to decorate the dish in the Vietnamese style. You think it’s time to eat? Not yet! Make sure your camera is handy. You will want to capture this memorable moment. If you need to burn some calories after this hearty meal, make sure to check out the 20-meter swimming pool of this school. It’s free, so don’t hesitate to jump in the water!

red bridge cooking school hoi an
Mastering the Vietnamese baguette is no longer impossible! Photo: Flickr @vtoanstar

More information:

Price: 770,000 VND (33 USD)/person
Website: Red Bridge Info Portal
Address: Google Maps directions
Phone number: +84 235 3933 222

Gioan Cooking Class (Gioan Cookery)

Gioan Cookery is a family cooking hub that offers private cooking classes for couples, families, and friends. The story began 15 years ago, when the owner of the school, a gifted and passionate woman, decided to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the world. Come to Gioan and you will realize what home sweet home truly is.

Generally, every cooking class will take you to the market first, and Gioan is no exception.

gioan cooking class cheap cooking class hoi an
With the help of Gioan Cookery, you can literally make these dishes! Photo:

You will learn the Vietnamese names of the vegetables and understand how to identify the best slice of meat. Unlike other classes that stick to a menu, Gioan Cookery allows you to choose the dishes you want to make. The menu is amazingly huge (up to 50 dishes), so it will definitely satisfy the pickiest guest! Besides cooking, you will join karaoke with the host. This will surely entertain you and soon you’ll forget the pressure of cooking.

More information:

Price: 930,000 VND (40 USD)/person
Website: Gioan Cookery Homepage 
Address: Google Maps directions 
Phone number: +84 98 578 04 01

Bay Mau Eco Cooking Tour

Bay Mau Eco cooking tour kills two birds with one stone. You will not only master cooking Vietnamese dishes but you’ll get to know Hoi An a little better. Your cooking adventure will start at the ancient quarter, then the central market. This is the time for you to shine by purchasing the freshest ingredients possible.

cooking class hoi an bay mau cooking tour
Hello basket boat! Photo:

Then, you will experience a 30-minute ride in a thuyen thung (basket boat) from Thu Bon river to Bay Mau Coconut Forest – an official ecological zone. If you think this is the most exciting activity, please hang on! Because a few minutes later you will go fishing around this area. On top of that, all of the ingredients you have bought will be used to make four savory dishes, such as banh xeo (crispy pancakes but prepared in Hoi An style), beef pho, prawn spring rolls, and stirred egg noodles with seafood. While cooking, please don’t forget to look outside. You will be amazed at the peaceful setting of the countryside.

More information:

Price: 744,000 VND (32 USD)/person
Website: Bau Mau Cooking Homepage
Address: Directions 
Phone number: +84 905 131 149

Vy’s Market Restaurant & Cooking School

Vy’s Market Restaurant & Cooking School is a very well-known cooking hub in the Hoi An area. The founder – Ms.Vy, is a talented chef and her book Taste Vietnam – The Morning Glory Cookbook is internationally known. She has over 30 years experience in the kitchen, and over time, Ms.Vy has gathered an unrivaled repertoire of Vietnamese dishes. Her cooking school offers a variety of cooking classes, from Vietnamese Street Food Tour, Holiday Masterclass, and Advanced Masterclass to Countryside Bicycle Tour & Cooking Class, Private or Family Class, and Gourmet Class with Ms. Lulu. Each class has a distinctive characteristic depending on your tastes.

vy's market cooking tour shopping in hoi an
Have you ever seen people interested in bananas like this before? Only happens here! Photo:

For example, the Vietnamese Street Food Tour offers you demonstrations with actual involvement and many food tastings. You’ll get hands-on experience in making authentic dishes, including Hoi An crispy pancakes, rice paper rolls, and cao lau. Lunch, recipes, and a Vietnamese cooking gift to take home are also included.

Meanwhile, the Holiday Masterclass will allow you to take a boat trip from Vy’s Market Restaurant to Hoi An colorful central market. And if you’re confident in your cooking skills, why not participate in the Advanced Masterclass? It is exclusively designed to suit keen cooks and professional chefs with good knife skills. There are so many qualities to touch on about this cooking school, so take a look at the website in advance.

More information:

Price: 567,500 VND – 4,400,000 VND (25 USD – 200 USD)/person
Website: Vy’s Market Restaurant & Cooking School Info Portal 
Address: Google Maps directions
Phone number: +84 235 3926 926

Spending your time cooking Vietnamese dishes will create an unforgettable memory for you in the country. Keep reading other articles on our blog for more useful information about Hoi An.

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