Top 4 forests in Vietnam that Los Angeles (US) visitors should not miss

Visiting and discovering a forest in Vietnam is often in the wish-list of several Los Angeles (US) wanderlusts.  Here we recommend the best 4 forests in Vietnam open to tourists.

Top 4 forests in Vietnam that Los Angeles (US) visitors should not miss

Top 4 forests in Vietnam that Los Angeles (US) visitors should not miss

1. Travel Cuc Phuong forest (Ninh Binh province), Vietnam

Located in Ninh Binh, about 100 km away from Hanoi, Cuc Phuong is the first national park in Vietnam which is home to nearly 2000 species of plants and 600 species of animals. A trip to Cuc Phuong will offer you an exotic look into wildlife environment as well as the ancient life of people in the forest.

Here, you can easily catch the sight of thousand-year-old trees which spread its shade over a large area. It is wonderful to cycle around the forest, letting yourself immerse into the greatness of nature, you might meet wild animals like deer, or monkey on your way.

2. Travel Tan Lap Mangrove forest (Long An province), Vietnam

This pristine forest is fairly new in tourism map, but it will be undoubtedly worth visiting for those who want to blend into nature and enjoy the serenity.

First, visitors will have to pay for entrance ticket (around $2 for rowing boat, $6 for motorboat), and then discover the beauty of the lush landscape, stunning sight of lotus-blooming ponds on the boat.

As soon as you pass the swamp, an immense mangrove forest will appear in front of your eyes, take a deep breath to enjoy the freshness of lush vegetation, the freshness of the air and the smell of mud. It’s better to prepare food or snack in advance because the food is not available in Tan Lap forest.

3. Travel Tra Su Cajuput forest (An Giang province), Vietnam

From July to December, when water covers the whole area of the forest, it is not overstated to say that Tra Su is the real green paradise on land. Stretch over the area of 800 hectares, it is the shelter for more than hundreds of plants and animal, including endangered species.

It is a memorable experience sailing on the boat when letting yourself surrounded by the green carpet of duckweed, the sound of birds. Or if you want to take the best shot of the forest, do it before sunrise because it is the time when the forest reveals its utmost beauty and the birds mostly active.

4. Travel U Minh Forest (Ca Mau, Kien Giang), Vietnam

U Minh national park is divided into 2 parts including Upper U Minh – which located in Kien Giang Province while Lower U Minh situated in Ca Mau province. It is well-protected home to several animals including the valuable ones included in the Red book, playing an essential role in developing and preserving exotic and genetic species.

The forest offers visitors a primitive look which makes it a little bit mysterious for indigenous people. It is also the place where many local people earn their livings; therefore, in the eyes of local people, U Minh is a very important and sacred place.

These are 4 best forests to discover for your trip to Vietnam. Before you don’t ignore your tip below, otherwise you perhaps need to pay more sometimes.

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