The Best Ways to Get Around in Hanoi

My favorite way to experience the charm of Hanoi is to be on my feet walking the thousand-year-old streets. Every corner of every alley whispers something about Hanoi’s complicated history, the buildings stand as pillars to its past that stretches millenniums deep. Have you ever tried to navigate the city to Tran Quoc Pagoda, one […]

The Arrivals Guide to Ho Chi Minh (Tan Son Nhat) Airport

Airports: the one destination that simultaneously inspires both joy and dread. If you’re feeling intimidated by your first trip to Vietnam, let Team Christina’s put your anxieties to rest with this handy-dandy survival guide for the Tan Son Nhat/Ho Chi Minh airport. First up: the international terminal. Stay tuned for the domestic edition. Fast Facts […]

Saigon on A Budget

Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, is the financial heart and the most chaotic city in Vietnam. With numerous modern skyscrapers and enchanting historical French colonial buildings, Saigon has a population of 10 million citizens, not to mention up to 5 million visitors every year. However, this crowded city still remains a place that can […]

Best Time to Visit Sapa

Every year Sapa attracts countless visitors from Vietnam and the rest of the world. The hill station’s endless chains of mountains, rice paddies, rocky cliffs, and picturesque towns offer travelers a welcome change from busy cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It’s an ideal destination for nature lovers wanting to see a different […]

An Overview of Holidays in Vietnam

Just like every other country, Vietnam has many occasions to commemorate and mark important historical moments. These national holidays often hold a lot of different meanings and come with a whole range of complicated ways to celebrate. For visitors, learning about a country’s public holidays in advance could become very handy in planning for your […]

9 Myths About Traveling in Vietnam

Perhaps Vietnam is the last on your travel bucket list for Southeast Asia due to the many mixed views on the country’s tourism. Rampant scams, lurking dangers, hostile people, unsanitary streets, and many other well-established myths about traveling in Vietnam could give the most willing would-be Vietnam visitors hesitation. However, it’s always good to travel […]

Best Time to Visit Saigon

Now that you’ve decided to travel to the biggest city of Vietnam, Saigon, I’m sure there are a few questions in your mind just as you would if you decide to visit any other country in Southeast Asia. Some of these, I’m sure, are: “When is the best time to visit the city?”, “When is […]