Vietnam weather in August and where to go

August is the last period in the year you can enjoy a full summer. If you are still wondering where to go, let us suggest you some places to choose.

Vietnam weather in August

August is the end of the summer holiday season. Although storms are beginning to work, it still cannot stop the footsteps of many visitors at this time. August is the beginning of autumn, so it has a cool weather. If you are afraid of hot summer weather in Vietnam, August will help you “save energy” for your trip.

At that time, the sun is no longer hot and the wind is not too cold, so you can still go to the forest or go to the sea without sweating too much. Just notice the weather forecast before deciding where to go.

Where to go in Vietnam in August

1. Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa inaugurated the Sam Lam FLC project including 18-hole golf course, 8,000 m2 golf club house, luxury five-star resort villa with nearly 100 rooms. There is also a 5-star hotel and 600-room La Carte bungalow, 5,100 m² of saltwater pool, 1,300-seat international convention center, indoor and outdoor recreation areas and more than 1,000 apartments. The villa can satisfy all travelers, so Thanh Hoa is one of places to go in August.

2. Da Nang

Da Nang is chosen to organize the Vietnamese Culinary Festival every year. The festival is to honor and promote the uniqueness and essence of culinary culture typical of the region, expand the opportunities for promoting and exchanging culinary culture among regions, as well as introduce and honor the products, goods for agriculture, and farmers. Therefore, if you are a cultural lover or want to explore Vietnam’s culture, please come to Da Nang in August.

Coming to Da Nang in August, you also can visit Hoa Phu Thanh tourist area, bringing a sense of adventure and refreshing. Besides, the activity of watching rare langurs in Son Tra peninsula or exploring Cham Islet is also loved by many visitors.

3. Nha Trang

Visit Nha Trang - Vietnam trip
Visit Nha Trang

Owning beautiful beaches and long history of tourism, Nha Trang is famous for its adventure games on the sea such as paragliding and surfing as well as delicious specialties which are difficult to resist. Coming to Nha Trang in August, you will be participating in the largest marine float in Vietnam with a variety of new games with an area of ​​up to 2,000 m². In addition, you can take part in the activity of diving with a motorbike to experience more unique marine tourism products that are not available anywhere.

4. Quang Binh

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is the place tourists cannot miss in Quang Binh.

Especially in Dark cave, with a height of more than 30 m, the route including two climbing trails that are attached to climbing facilities has been opened. We hope that climbing activities will be held regularly by Phong Nha – Ke Bang Tourism Center in near future. In addition, at the cave area, there is also the zipline system two longest cables in Vietnam 400m to satisfy those who love adventure.

5. An Giang

Although August is still a month to the floating season in the South West, tourists come to An Giang to see the Ta Pa field under the blue sky. An Giang is the first province in the Mekong Delta with two cities under the province of Long Xuyen and Chau Doc. Long Xuyen City is located on the banks of the Hau River, has a typical cultural tradition of a western city with floating markets and many other monuments and places of interest.

Chau Doc is a border town, famous for its monuments and scenic spots in Sam mountain. Especially, An Giang province has many attractions that you should not miss such as Tra Su mangrove forest, Bung Binh Thien, That Son, Tinh Bien market, and Co To mountain.

Do I need Vietnam visa?

Check for Vietnam visa before your every trip to Vietnam
Check for Vietnam visa before your every trip to Vietnam

As updated on July 30, 2018: there are 24 countries have the exemption of entry visa to Vietnam with the ordinary Passport.

If you do not find your nationality in the list, or your conditions are not eligible for getting Vietnam visa exemption, you should check for how to apply for Vietnam visa by selecting your nationality on header of

We wish you have a nice trip in Vietnam!

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